4WD and Ute Fitouts

4WD & Ute

Vehicle Fitouts

Vehicle fit-outs can be made to suit any configuration the customer desires, depending on whether it is for work or play or both.

4WD and Ute fit-outs can include one or several drawers, with or without a fridge slide, other purpose built storage compartments for specific items or just open shelving. Carpeted fit-outs look like they belong in the vehicle, as opposed to using plastic boxes in the back of the vehicle, but it can also be made so the unit is easy to remove if the space is needed for other purposes.

Drawers can be made as long as the luggage compartment; there are drawer runners available from 300mm to 2m in length, with carrying capacities from 45kg to 227kg.

The use of light weight plywood, laminate and aluminium makes the unit light weight, but extremely strong and durable.
Units can be laminated in the colour of your choice or carpeted.

Each individual’s requirement is different, irrespective of the type of vehicle needing to be fitted out. So come and discuss your needs with us and we will tailor make your own unique fit-out to suit your wishes and hip pocket.

Accessories specifically for vehicle fit-outs are also for sale: drawer runners, drawer locks/ handles, catches, gas struts.

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