Drawer Quality

Drawer Quality

Things to look at when it comes to quality components that feature in storage drawers include:

  • Stainless fittings: Are the drawers made with high grade stainless steel fittings or are they made with galvanised fittings?
  • Flush mounted latches: Do they have quality flush mounted ‘T’ latches?
  • Do they use quality stainless steel screws, bolts and nylock nuts throughout?
  • Are they fully sealed heavy duty roller bearings and are rated at high loads?
  • Are these bearings designed to be dust proof?
  • Are they finished with premium automotive carpet or industrial carpet?

Drawer Customisation and DIY Kits

Drawers can either be fitted by a professional using their own 4WD templates or fitted by yourself using their kits. DIY kits are designed to fit your make of vehicle and may come to you in flat packs where you put the pieces together at home. These have been professionally designed and they carefully follow the contours of the rear compartment. The drawers are usually designed as wide as possible with the drawer roller assemblies as compact as possible. All aspects of the design have been calculated for the optimum use of space including the space behind the wheel arches, which can also be utilised for storage.

Plastic drawers like those shown will soon crack, splinter and disintegrate.

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