Toyota Landcruiser 2 drawer stack

Drawer Overview

Sturdy drawer construction is absolutely paramount. It’s not too uncommon to hear about home-made versions spoiling a trip because it was not up to the job. Professionally built drawers will not rattle, vibrate or come loose even under the harshest 4WDriving conditions.

You’ll be surprised how heavy the load in a drawer can become when packing for a big trip. For example; tools, gas bottles and recovery gear can weigh up to 100kg in one drawer alone! Some things to consider when choosing a quality built cargo drawer system is:

  • Make sure you check the load capacity and internal measurements.
  • Check for ease of use and test the drawers, are they on rollers, are they smooth or do they stick? Consider that when in use in the bush as the vehicle may not always lie flat. The drawers need to be easy to pull out when needed and stay secured when not.
  • A good idea is to get some recommendations and testimonials from other people.

With a lot of commercial products available on the market, shop around, as you will definitely get what you pay for.

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