About Us

The history of Ashwood Timber

Ashwood Timber was established in 1994 as ‘Ashwood Timbers and Hardware’ on the corner of Wises Road and Kayleigh Drive, Maroochydore. It was traditionally described and known as “a DIY-er’s heaven/ paradise for materials and hardware’.

The current owner, Nic, purchased the business in August 2007 and has since changed the direction of what is currently known as ‘Ashwood Timber’, by offering new, exciting, unique and innovative services and ideas to the customers.

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Owner: Nic Riggs

Nic fitting a 4WD drawer systemNic originated from Perth and is a qualified cabinet maker for over 30 years.

After spending a number of years with the RAAF, he returned to his first love of working with timber and timber products, expressing his artistic and creative abilities by manufacturing uniquely designed pieces.

Nic’s interest and knowledge in 4WD vehicles and off-road driving was the catalyst to the success of the versatile modular vehicle fit-out design.

His Toyota Landcruiser 100 series served as the prototype for storage of camping gear, incorporating a fridge-slide system.

When Nic’s customers come with an idea in their head, which they can visualize, but don’t know how to manufacture it, he can transform the idea into reality. Therefore, the shop has become more than just a retail outlet.


Over the past 2 years Ashwood Timber have created a vehicle drawer system brand known as Ashwood Drawer Systems. They are a regular at most South East Queensland trade shows and have been recognised as a leader of innovation by Club 4×4. Club 4×4 have recognised the quality of workmanship in their drawer systems and have purchased a system for their show vehicle.

Apart from producing innovative and excellent vehicle drawer systems Ashwood also offer a CNC/Machine Cutting service for all commercial/retail and trade clients.

Ashwood Timber strive for perfection

Nic’s strive for perfection guarantees a high standard of workmanship in every product his workshop manufactures.